What we do, we do well. We move confidently together in the flow of practice and from this togetherness we create a space to be authentic in our struggles and our moments of joy. Join us — you will build a practice that lasts a lifetime, find physical and energetic alignment, and forge connections bound by breath.


Citizen Yoga has become very near and dear to my heart since I had my foot surgery about a year ago. I practiced yoga in the past but I’ve never been an expert. After my surgery, I needed something that would not only help me strengthen my feet but also calm my racing mind and yoga has done just that. When I decided to come back to yoga I really enjoyed the back to basics class with Carly at CY. The small intimate class offered me a non-judgemental space in which I needed to be the best yogi ever! These are just a few of the many reasons  I love CY!!

— Asia Watkins


Citizen Yoga Teacher Training is not a lesson in “paint by numbers.” It is an experience that assists trainees in mastering brush strokes, which they then use to become an artist of their own practice and teaching.


Is Self-Care Selfish?  (Spoiler Alert: No)

Is Self-Care Selfish?  (Spoiler Alert: No) 1024 724 Citizen Yoga Studio

We hear so much in the yoga world and beyond about self-care these days. About how it’s important to put our own proverbial oxygen masks…

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Relax, Connect + Grow with Prenatal Classes

Relax, Connect + Grow with Prenatal Classes 936 1024 Citizen Yoga Studio

Malasana Anjaneyasana variation Anjaneyasana Utkatasana with a twist It’d been a while since Kristin Trute, a Michigan based yoga instructor, had been in a prenatal…

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Building Strength, Patience, and Breath

Building Strength, Patience, and Breath 1024 422 Citizen Yoga Studio

by Lydia Munn Oh my goodness! I can’t believe WE made it! To say the challenge was challenging for me, is… an understatement. Between end-of-summer…

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Pay it Forward with a Coffee (or Two)

Pay it Forward with a Coffee (or Two) 978 1024 Citizen Yoga Studio

Mary Jahns is one of those people you meet and instantly start smiling. You can’t help but catch her infectious positive, gentle energy. Mary is…

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