What we do, we do well. We move confidently together in the flow of practice and from this togetherness we create a space to be authentic in our struggles and our moments of joy. Join us — you will build a practice that lasts a lifetime, find physical and energetic alignment, and forge connections bound by breath.


Moving to a new place is hard. Everything I own is still back in Los Angeles: my apartment, my car, my things, my coworkers and friends – so I still feel very much like a visitor here. Just before Thanksgiving, I drove out here with my boyfriend and our dog, and have been living in a hotel while we look for places. So it’s definitely been a challenging few weeks not feeling like I have a place to settle in. Happily, I’m moving into a house on Friday and could not be more thrilled to have found a new yoga home as well.

So huge thanks to you. I’ve been working remotely every day from this hotel room with my company back in LA, going a little stir-crazy for sure, and CY is just what I need to get out of my funk and start to see this new place as a home, not just a move.

— Mallory McMorrow


Citizen Yoga Teacher Training is not a lesson in “paint by numbers.” It is an experience that assists trainees in mastering brush strokes, which they then use to become an artist of their own practice and teaching.


Envisioning Change

Envisioning Change 1024 683 Citizen Yoga Studio

Two years plus 1 day ago, I woke up feeling powerless, overwhelmed and unsure of how women and many others would be heard in a very…

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The Choice Is Yours

The Choice Is Yours 1024 683 Citizen Yoga Studio

By Halle Wangler,  former U-M women’s basketball student-athlete Every single day we are faced with choices. The magnitude of these choices could be as small…

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Yoga and Body

Yoga and Body 1024 683 Citizen Yoga Studio

At 37 years old, I can still do some pretty sick yoga moves. I say that tongue in cheek, but from the outsider’s perspective it…

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Extroversion vs. Introversion

Extroversion vs. Introversion 1024 683 Citizen Yoga Studio

The world is an expression of opposites, and it swings between these disparate poles constantly. When we over-identify with the world, we are subject physically,…

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