• September 18, 2019

Relax, Connect + Grow with Prenatal Classes

Relax, Connect + Grow with Prenatal Classes

Relax, Connect + Grow with Prenatal Classes 936 1024 Citizen Yoga Studio

It’d been a while since Kristin Trute, a Michigan based yoga instructor, had been in a prenatal class. After a few minutes of thinking she recalls with fondness her first prenatal class as being a way for her to connect, relax and challenge herself. She had stepped into class and noticed that the other participants, other pregnant moms, were seated in a circle. The hour began with introductions. She’d felt instantly connected with the other women as they shared where they were at with their babies and their bodies. It meant a lot to her that in such a major time of transition that she felt supported and comfortable. Her class was led by Dayle Extrell, who Trute remembers was not only supportive but encouraging. 

Because of this Trute felt confident to work harder knowing she was pushing herself to a safe edge in her practice. The class was challenging but also relaxing and they used multiple props for support throughout the hour like the wall and blocks. Throughout the class she was able to take time for herself and sit with any emotions she felt about her journey to motherhood. At the end of the hour she remembered being the most impacted by the unifying effect the class had for her and the other women. Kristin loved the Malasana posture, which uses blocks under the hips. It opened the pelvis and mimicked a labor and birthing shape. It strengthened her outer hips and inner thighs and groin, and engaged the pelvic floor. Another favorite of hers was Spinal Balance, which engaged the core and the pelvic floor.

“Prenatal yoga gives you tools to bring into the delivery room,” said Trute. Kristin actually only went to one prenatal class over the course of her pregnancy, however she still felt that there were things she took away in that short time. She learned that all the substitutes for blocks and other things could be found right around her at home. All she needed were pillows or a blanket to support her, and of course, her mat. In this way she was able to continue her practice even if she wasn’t able to make it to the prenatal class. She was shown modifications and adjustments in class so that she could get into the positions that were the most comfortable for her. With a growing baby and changing body, the postures that used to be easy were more challenging. But with the adjustments, she realized she could naturally combat discomfort like back pain and swelling. 

Her favorite part was the emphasis on connecting to breath and staying focused on what was happening with her body. The breathing exercises also prepared her for resting and breathing during labor. As an instructor, Trute recommended taking prenatal teacher training as a way to enhance any instructor’s teaching. 

“As an instructor you will realize how quickly you become your students’ support system and how important it is to give them the tools they need to move through whatever journey they are going through in life,” said Trute. If you are an instructor searching for a new way to connect to your students, prenatal teacher training is happening in Cleveland this October!

In a 24 hour Prenatal Yoga Certification, you will explore many things like how a woman’s body changes (physically and chemically) during pregnancy, safe core work, including pelvic floor and transverse abdominal toning and yoga postures and sequencing for a prenatal yoga class. 

You’ll also learn modifications and variations for pregnant women using props, the wall and partners as well as strength building/ stabilizing exercises helpful for the pregnant body. More topics include Yin and restorative yoga for pregnancy, breath work and guided imagery and meditations for pregnancy and of course, messaging and theme setting for Prenatal Yoga.

You’ll be learning from the fabulous Dayle Extrell, who received her 200 hour certification at Sonic Yoga, Center for Yoga Studies in NYC in 2008, under the tutelage of Jonathan Fields and Lauren Hannah. As an E-RYT, many of her teaching hours come from teaching in prenatal yoga studios, Belly Bliss Yoga (Denver, Co) and KKY’s Peace IN (NYC). When teaching pregnant women her goal is to provide a strong and safe class that leaves the women feeling empowered and inspired by their own strength, both physically and emotionally. She has helped hundreds of women practice safe yoga and connect to their changing bodies throughout their pregnancies.

It costs $600 to attend, with $100 off for CYTT grads. The days you’ll be in training are Friday 10/18: 12:30-8:30pm, Saturday 10/19: 8:30am-5:45pm and Sunday 10/20: 8am-6:30pm

Email [email protected] to learn more + sign up, or purchase your $250 deposit online.

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