About Citizen Yoga Studio


Kacee is the owner and founder of Citizen Yoga. She launched CY Royal Oak in 2013, and opened Citizen Yoga Detroit shortly after in January of 2015. A 2006 graduate of Northwestern University, Kacee’s goal as the company expands is to provide every Citizen with a space they consider to be their third home — after their family home and workplace. She believes that each person who walks into a Citizen Yoga studio should feel a sense of belonging and leave knowing they are better equipped to handle the stresses of life, as inspired by her sister Miya who took her own life in 2007. Having studied Vedanta philosophy for two and a half years at the Vedanta Academy in India, you can count on Kacee to deliver an experience both on and off the mat that leaves you feeling nurtured and empowered.

A former TEDx Talk speaker, graduate of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business program, member of Crain’s Detroit 40 Under 40 Class of 2018, lead trainer of the 200 hr CYTT, and accomplished instructor who has lead classes with 100-2,000 people in attendance, Kacee is most passionate about mental health as it relates to yoga philosophy and life. She strives to fulfill the CY mission in any way possible, and is willing to coordinate with you:

  • Guest teach workshops outside of the Metro Detroit area
  • Lead off-site private yoga classes for weddings, businesses, etc.
  • Guest lecture on Vedic Philosophy for Teacher Training programs
  • Lead large group classes at specialty venues, festivals, or retreat centers
  • Participate as a guest speaker on podcasts
  • Lead business seminars



Miya Jo Must, 1979-2007

Citizen Yoga grew out of a need to equip people with necessary and effective coping mechanisms that can be applied in any facet of daily life. Grounded in connection, Citizen Yoga exists simply for every student to feel seen. Our goal is to empower the individual by teaching a safe, alignment-based practice that students of all levels can maintain throughout their lives.

Our values assert each human being is the sole author of their life’s story. This is a theme we emphasize in our teacher training, encourage our apprentices to live, and remind our students of during each class.

To fulfill our mission of empowering all people, we are active participants in the movement toward mental wellness. Our instructors and wellness practitioners partner with outreach programs to enrich the communities where we exist with educated physical and mental health alternatives.


What does alignment mean? It means there is a deeply integrated reason when and why you are doing a pose that generates a great impact on your physical and energetic body. A thoughtful and educated relationship with the body promotes a student to start experiencing the freedom that is felt when applying the optimal amount of boundary and discipline, like a parent to a child.

At the most basic level,  a yoga practice is a physical practice. Just like an athlete in the weight room knows to track a safe depth when squatting, you must apply discipline while practicing yoga. We focus on helping students learn principle, rather than just posture. Students find alignment in their bodies so that they can build the foundation of a life-long practice.

The practice of yoga is about aligning not only your physical body in yoga, but aligning action outside of class with a higher ideal. Just like we have to practice yoga to master our physical form, we must also practice the art of focusing the mind and directing action rightly toward greater self-transformation.

Alignment helps strengthen the already existing relationship between our body and the mind as well as keeping us safe within the practice of yoga. When we place our bodies into any pose, even the smallest shift in thought can greatly enhance our physical experience.

An aligned practice provides a self-reflective space where one can see how each pose is similar to an experience or relationship they have off the mat. In practice, we strive to refine our actions and reactions in poses. In life, we use our gained perspective and skill to approach similar experiences and relationships with a deeper level of understanding and intimacy.


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