Teacher Training

200-Hour Digital RYT Teacher Training

December 2020 – May 2021

Citizen Yoga’s 200-hour RYT is a Yoga Alliance-certified program that encourages and challenges trainees to take the seat of responsibility in their lives. Based on a deeply evolved manual written by Citizen founder Kacee Must, the training brings students on a journey of self-development by helping each individual realize their potential as a speaker, communicator, and teacher. Throughout the comprehensive program, students learn anatomy, how to sequence and pace classes, how to effectively message, and the alignment principals of every yoga pose.

This fully virtual training begins in early December 2020 and runs through mid-May 2021. Lead Teacher Trainers include Kacee Must, Anne Zemba, Lauren Laudani, and Soojin Kim. For more information on the curriculum, training schedule, and payment plans, email Kacee Must.

Already put down your deposit? Email Anne to ask for the payment agreement.

Silent Disco

Harvest Moon Silent Disco with Kacee + Soojin

10/1, 7p-8:30p

The Harvest Moon describes a full, bright Moon that occurs closest to the start of autumn. Soojin + Kacee will lead you through a 90 min flow to the incredible sounds of DJ Mehul. The event is designed for deep soul connection, community, and overall a great vibe.

Space is limited to 50 students
Rain date: 10/2
Royal Oak Alley Outdoors

Outdoor Workshop

Open Your Heart: An Equinox Practice with Luke

9/26, 11:15a-1p

Open your heart! 💗 Feel the love flow in! 💞 Let the light pour out! ✨

This event is an exploration and celebration of the foundational elements of yoga, calling all yogis who wish to take a deep dive into deep dive into mantra, asana (specifically inversions and heart-opening/backbends), and pranayama.

The workshop will take place on the autumnal equinox, the juncture between summer and winter, to honor the pulsations/rhythms/movements of the natural world. This shift into a new season yields the opportunity to practice embodying resiliency, fortitude, and flexibility in the way we approach moving through transitions in our lives whilst we come together as a community and support one another. The felt experience for participants is intended to be informative, challenging, and fun!

Online Workshop

Movement for Managing Depression + Anxiety with Mary Laura

9/29, 6p-7:30p

As a licensed social worker and yoga teacher, Mary Laura has the unique ability to understand the causes and triggers of depression and anxiety and share ways to mitigate symptoms. During this 90-minute online Citizen X, we will discuss how the pandemic culture can both lessen and intensify the effects of depression and anxiety. We will look to use all manner of skills, including nutrition, activity, sleep, yoga. Come with an open mind so that we can use tools to create space to feel better. It is timely as many of us are concerned about the days shortening and how to manage through the colder months.

Online Workshop

Chair Yoga: Re-Imagining the Practice with Mary Dana Abbott

9/30, 5:30p-7p

There are few tools in yoga that are as versatile and useful as a chair. It is an objective partner that can be utilized in many ways to lift and support us, while giving us different angles to play with to receive and perceive information from.

When we see things from different perspectives and angles, we begin to realize our ways of habitually doing and thinking are only a small piece of our bigger picture. Join Mary Dana from your very own home to explore this magical tool of perspective and support and learn new recipes to re-imagine and re-invigorate your practice.

It is recommend that you have: a yoga chair, 2-4 yoga blocks, 2-3 yoga blankets, a yoga strap

Online Workshop Series

Anti-Racism Immersion Course with Bethany + Chris

10/7, 10/21, 11/4, 11/18, 6p-7:30p

Drawing on embodiment, emancipatory feminist scholarship, critical whiteness studies, and EcoJustice Education, this Anti-Racism Course & Discussion is designed to support white people in investigating with accountability and humility our role in dismantling white supremacy.

This is a 4-session consecutive series that meets online biweekly on Wednesdays from 6-7:30pm beginning October 7th. Sessions include journaling, small and large group discussions, activities, and a short breath and/or asana practice. Homework is in the form of readings, podcasts, and journal prompts will be assigned in the weeks between sessions. No prior experience engaging in anti-racism work is required to join this series. Our final session on Co-Liberatory Framework for Anti-Racist Practice will be led by local social justice organizer Tawana “Honeycomb” Petty. Tawana is an author, poet and youth advocate who is intricately involved in water rights advocacy and date and digital justice, and racial justice and equity work. She is a Non-Resident Fellow with the Digital Civil Society Lab at Stanford PACS, a convening member of the Detroit Digital Justice Coalition, and a former fellow and current anti-racism facilitator with the Detroit Equity Action Lab (DEAL).

  • Week 1: Explore the culture of white supremacy
  • Week 2: What protects white supremacy
  • Week 3: What strengthens white supremacy
  • Week 4: Co-liberatory framework for anti-racism practice with guest speaker Tawana Petty Course fees: ALL proceeds will be going to Petty Propolis, Tawana Petty’s organization that is a Black, women-led organization rooted in Detroit, Michigan whose mission is to nurture and re-spirit community members, artists, and visionary organizers of all ages committed to social justice work.

Find out more about her work here.

This class is offered on a donation basis – this does not mean that the class is free. 100% of students’ donations will support the organization in the context of their own financial situation (suggested amount between $25-$100).

Payment is given to the organization directly at

Note: Proof of donation is required to register – email: [email protected] a screenshot of your payment before the start date on October 7th.

Facilitated by Bethany Hedden MA of Social Work and B.A. Fine Arts and Christopher Warnack E-RYT 300. Bethany is a RYT-200 and PhD student in the Department of Anthropology and School of Social Work at Wayne State University. Her research with a Detroit-based theatre company explores themes of mutuality, time, and repairing harm. She is also a systems builder and community organizer committed to social, economic, and racial justice with over eight years of experience teaching, engaging communities, developing and implementing local strategies, and building relationships of reciprocity.

Chris is an ERYT-200 teacher and 500hr trainee. He has been teaching for over 5 years, first in Cleveland and now here in Michigan. Chris focuses on breaking down comparisons between yogi’s perception of themselves and others, which has led to the work of anti-racism. He believes that in order to break down the systems of oppression we have to acknowledge our relationship to the things that uphold supremacy. For Chris, yoga is the tool to discover and accept our imperfect selves so we can have empathy, compassion and understand the struggle of BIPOC and take responsibility in our work to fight systemic racism.

Online Citizen X

Introduction to Holistic Feminine Awareness

10/20, 6p-7:30p

Join Rachel, a trained Holistic Fertility – Birth – and Postpartum Doula in learning about the feminine cycle. Have you become curious about your monthly cycle and want to learn more about what is happening with your hormones and physiology?

Your menstrual cycle is a vital sign – and just like your heart rate, temperature, respiratory rate, and blood pressure, you should be able to tell when things aren’t normal. This is basic body literacy, and unfortunately most of us learned none of it, or only a very small portion of it, in our sex education as teens.

Choosing to invest in learning true body literacy will give you more wisdom and freedom than you can imagine. In this Citizen X, you’ll learn down to earth basics about the reproductive cycle at all phases of life (from menarche to menopause), as well as cultural & historical context for your feminine experience. You’ll leave this class with concrete knowledge about each phase, and feeling more curious about and empowered by your monthly cycles!

Find out more about Rachel and the services she offers on her website:

In-Studio + Online Workshop

Arm Balances: The 6 Wise Sages with Eme

10/24, 12:30p-1:45p

Many yoga poses, especially arm balances, are named after Hindu sages who were recognized as being wise through experience and reflection. In this in-studio + online workshop, Eme will introduce 6 arm balancing postures named after sages, including Eke Pada Koundinyasana and Astavakrasana.

Students will learn the history behind each pose’s namesake, learn safe alignment, and practice the pose with Eme’s guidance. This workshop is ideal for any yogi eager to build strength and master advanced arm balances while learning the historical context behind the asana.


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