Wellness Services


with Peter Geller

Initial consultation + treatment | $150
Follow up appointment | $90

Peter Geller has been practicing Oriental medicine since 1998.  National board-certified in both acupuncture and Chinese herbology, he worked in a variety of conventional and holistic health care settings in New York before relocating to Cleveland in 2006.  He received his training at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine (NY), which has been widely considered the most extensive and rigorous Oriental medicine program in the United States.

His Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practice encompasses acute and chronic pain; a wide variety of internal medicine conditions, including gynecological, digestive, and respiratory problems; psychological and emotional issues such as anxiety, depression, and obsessive thinking; and nicotine and alcohol dependence.


with Annie Siegel | 216-233-6547

Friday-Saturday | 10am-2pm
60 min session | $85.00

After five years of teaching yoga, Annie found that her private clientele was growing and her students were very receptive to her hands on adjustments.  As a way to expand her offerings to private clients, Annie completed additional training in thai massage through The Lotus Palm School.  Thai massage is a soothing blend of gentle stretching, rhythmic rocking, and acupressure.  The meditative qualities induced by the gentle rocking and massage encourage deep relaxation which allows the practitioner to move the client into deeper postures and stretches.  Annie enjoys this meditative, relaxing and nurturing form of energy work and aspires to introduce the many benefits of this practice to those around her.


with Candace Kolson | 216-456-1705

Initial Consultation | $100.00
Follow-Up Appointments | $85.00

Lifestyle is the foundation of health and it is the foundation of Ayurveda.  There are three important pieces of information that must be known in order to call something Ayurveda; constitution of the patient, present nature of the patient, and nature of the medicine. The initial consultation will determine your dominant dosha or constitution, your tendencies or imbalances, and begin a lifestyle plan to bring you more into balance with your dosha.  Follow up appointments include; daily routines and practices, guidelines to healthy eating, meditation, yoga, five sense therapies, etc. It’s recommended that a patient come once a week for 4-6 weeks, then biweekly, then seasonally or as needed.


Candy Koslen has earned a certificate as a practitioner of Ayurveda from the California College of Ayurveda. She is also a licensed massage therapist, reflexologist, registered yoga teacher and reiki master.


with Laura Cole |  440-279-7917

90 min | $105.00

60 min | $75


Fire cupping | $50

Cupping is an ancient therapy that works by using negative pressure cups on the skin which releases tension in the soft-tissue, and allows a healthier blood flow in problematic areas by loosening and lifting the muscles +fascia. Fire cupping uses heat to remove oxygen and create that negative suction in the cup. It has the benefit of a deep tissue massage in a shorter amount of time. Cupping can also help with inflammatory issues and lymphatic drainage issues.


After being diagnosed with scoliosis at a young age and struggling with chronic pain, I began to seek out holistic treatment and stumbled upon massage therapy. The combination of practicing yoga and receiving massage therapy has given me more relief than ever. I became licensed after attending the Cleveland Institute of Medical Massage and my mission now is to help others who suffer to experience the same relief that I have and be able to live as pain free as possible.

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DETROIT: 313-483-9343
BLOOMFIELD: 248-392-2168
ROYAL OAK: 248-607-6761