Amberlie Price

Amberlie first found yoga as an army wife stationed in Hawaii, far from her family, during her husband’s first deployment to Iraq in 2009. Yoga helped her find calm and balance in her life during a time of chaos and she immediately knew she had found her passion. Amberlie completed her 200-hour teacher training in 2010 and her 500-hour teacher training in 2013. As a yoga teacher Amberlie is dedicated to helping students discover the benefits that yoga can have in their lives, both on and off the mat, by cultivating inner peace, strength, and self-empowerment. You will find an arm balance or two (or three) sprinkled into her classes along with safe, nurturing, alignment-based instruction.

Bridgette Nadzam-Kasubick

Bridgette discovered yoga in 1999. Her initial thought was, “What is this—some kind of cult?!” After a couple of practices, she was sold not only on the physical rewards of this ancient art, but also on the self-awareness that began to show up in her life and the connections that she made with the people around her. This “Cult of Love” was certainly something she could get behind. Twenty years later, Bridgette is a certified RYT-200, and continues to learn and grow not only in her teaching, but also in her practice. Her favorite moments in class are when her students deepen their expression of a pose that they have been working on, or have an ah-ha moment that takes them deeper into their practice.

Christie Gasciogne

Christie found her yoga mat in 2003 and never looked back. In 2009 she left the traditional classroom setting and pursued teaching yoga full time. She uses her teaching experience and background in school psychology to foster a safe learning environment for students. Christie instructs with an emphasis on alignment and breath – with the intent of physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual shifts occuring in each class. Her classes are challenging and will push you to your limits, but they are also rewarding and awakening.

Cierra Collins

Cierra fell in love with yoga in 2015 and has pursued her passion ever since.  It started as a healing modality while she was experiencing a tough time in life, and this is what keeps her coming back to her mat time and again.This passion was her impetus to pursue a 200 hr teacher training in 2017 for two important reasons: to take her practice up a notch, but most importantly, to share this healing experience with others.

Cierra teaches in a nurturing, gentle way and encourages her students to be present in the moment and receive what is being offered.  Students will feel aware of their breath and body in her classes.  Cierra also has a certification in sound healing.  She delights in these healing modalities by offering the services of singing bowls and tuning forks either during yoga class or after. Cierra is passionate about being something that moves toward positive change in the community.

Danielle Ricchino

Danielle was introduced to yoga while getting her masters in school counseling. It was initially a classroom project to commit to learning something new for 6 weeks, but she was immediately hooked. Three years later she decided to go through teacher training to deepen her understanding of the practice and be able to share her love of yoga with others. Students can expect a playful class that’s rooted in building a strong foundation of the basics while still finding the challenge in pushing themselves out of their comfort zone.

Dianne Goodbar

Dianne was initially drawn to the mysticism of Yoga 2003 after being guided to take the class by her college track coach. It made perfect sense to listen her body rather than competing against it and she has been mindfully moving ever since. Over the years she has discovered a more peaceful approach to managing daily stressors that she is passionate about sharing. Yoga has helped Dianne treat her own body with kindness and her teaching style greatly reflects Ahimsa – the moral concept of non-harming and compassion.

Dianne is an eRYT 200 (2014), attuned Usui Reiki Master (2017) and Yoga Therapist (2018). She is wild about her husband, Mike aka Honeybear, and their four legged babies – Fang, Bosco, Slinky and Bram who keep her heart and soul smiling everyday.

Emilia Tesar

Eme first found yoga through her mom in 2012. While she first started practicing for the physical benefits, she quickly started to notice the mental and emotional benefits as well. She loved the way yoga became an important part of her life and the way her life changed around it. Eme finished a 200hr RYT in Spring of 2017 because she realized she wanted to share this magic of yoga with anyone she can.  When Eme learned about Citizen Yoga it immediately struck a chord. It was exactly what she had been looking for – community, philosophy, and alignment. Eme’s classes can challenge you while still keeping in tune with alignment and encouraging you to find your edge.

Jennifer Rimelspach

Jennifer ended up in a yoga class with her mom during her teenage years and fell in love with it. It started as another place for Jennifer to sweat, test her limits and always have something to push toward. The physical challenge of the practice developed a connection to her body and mind that had been lacking for years.  Fast forward life through several great teachers, two pregnancies,  two daughters and a new body that definetly did not work like the old one.   A new drive to love her body as an example for her children was born. She received her 200 hr RYT, as well trauma sensitive training to take her former classroom teaching skills to a new space.  Jennifer’s classes will invite you to love your present self and explore your practice from a place of acceptance.  Her classes are a blend of strength, release and a deeper exploration of yoga.

Kat Hollo

Like many of us, Kat struggled with depression and anxiety for most of her life; always searching for happiness outside of herself. The universe led her into an Ashram in 2007. There, the practice of yoga helped her realize that what she had been looking for in people, places, and things, had existed within her. Kat completed her RYT 200 hour the following year, and enjoys teaching many styles of yoga including vinyasa, basics, yin, resorative, and meditation. In class, she hopes to effect positive change in those hurt by addiction and suicide. Kat’s classes are honest, relatable and challenging. Come prepared to dive deeper into yourself, find the courage to let go, and find the happiness that lies within.

Samantha Doyle

Sam is a lover of all things mind, body, & spirit wellness, healthy cooking, astrology, and is currently in school to become an Ayurvedic Wellness Coach. Sam cares deeply about genuine connection and making people feel seen, safe, and at home in their bodies. From the moment she first walked into Citizen, she could feel how strongly the values of the studio and the beautiful humans who work there aligned with her own. Sam is so thrilled and honored to take the seat of a teacher on this incredible, supportive team filled with teachers and friends who inspire her endlessly.

Sindy Warren

Yoga has become a way of life for Sindy. She has been an enthusiastic student of the practice since 2003 and a dedicated teacher since 2015 (E-RYT 200 and 500 hour). She is passionate about sharing the wisdom and beauty of the practice with others. While initially drawn to the practice for the physical benefits, she returns to her mat – day after day and year after year – because the practice brings growth, acceptance, and joy to all areas of life. She is passionate about sharing the practice with her students so they may live their best lives, on and off the mat. Her classes combine this love of the yoga practice with a strong, playful, and nurturing physical flow. If you are looking to find joy in your practice and growth both on and off the mat, her classes will speak to you.

Trisha Zivkovic

Yoga found Trisha in January 2014 during a time in her life when she was starving for meaningful human connection. The moment she laid in her first savasana, she knew this was IT. Once she caught the “yoga bug,” her practice became integral to her well-being and her ability to show up in life with integrity and grace (an ongoing lesson if you ask her). She completed her 200-hour teacher training in December 2015 and has been teaching yoga as her main job ever since! As a teacher, Trisha strives to create a space where foundational elements of the yoga practice bring students into the present moment- allowing for transformation within their physical body, and most importantly, their non-physical self. Trisha discovered her inner-strength while on her mat therefore she loves to encourage and support her students in trying challenging postures and ideas on for size!

Zak Smith

In late Spring of 2016; Zak felt physically & emotionally drained. He had just completed his first marathon and come to the conclusion of another school year as a classroom teacher. At the same time, he attended a beginners yoga workshop and right away felt this sense of awareness from the practice that he had never experienced before. His devotion to the practice has continued to grow ever since. In 2017, Zak completed his 200-hr teacher training. With the tools he develops through his practice, he  can go inward with a sense of kindness toward himself. Zak is passionate about holding space for students to go inward and cultivate kindness from the inside out.



Leslie Cancelliere

Leslie has been practicing yoga for two years. She started with a strong home practice and found Citizen Yoga through the free community classes on the green at Pinecrest. As soon as she met some of the kula, she knew she had to be involved. Leslie enjoys meeting all the students that come through the front doors and offering a chance for human connection and a warm smile. Leslie is currently working on her Master’s degree in Counseling and Art Therapy at Ursuline College. Come SAY HELLO!


Lauren Baker

After Energy healing helped Lauren through a particularly difficult time in her life, she immediately felt it’s calling and went to Sedona, Arizona to become a Certified Reiki Practitioner. Since 2015 Reiki has been a strong force of healing in her life and it is Lauren’s mission to create physical health, emotional balance and mental clarity for others through relaxation and restoration of the body, mind, and spirit. She helps clients identify and release energy blocks, raise their vibration and consciousness, infuse their lives with positivity, and become an energetic match for their desires. It is Lauren’s greatest joy to help individuals align with their divine purpose and call more spiritual freedom into their lives.

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