Adina Marie

Adina first practiced yoga in 2012 and fell madly in love with the practice. She credits yoga as her greatest tool for self-discovery and has practiced daily since first stepping onto the mat. She leads a highly supportive, deep and nurturing class. Her goal is to hold space for her students as they connect to their energetic and emotional bodies through intentional movement.

Always seeking to grow and expand her practice, Adina embodies the role of the student and finds inspiration in every moment. Adina received her 200 HR RYT in 2015 and completed the Citizen Yoga Apprenticeship program in 2018. In addition to teaching, Adina is an Usui Reiki Master and offers Reiki out of Citizen Yoga.

Amanda Taveras

Growing up in dance and music, the joys of rhythm and movement have been a big part of Amanda’s life. During her freshman year of college, she experienced her first yoga class. She recalls feeling completely blissed out after, but also getting that first taste of a deeper connection to her own existence. She began to consistently practice yoga throughout the years of her undergrad and masters in Art History and Business. During this time she also had the opportunity to study and live with a Shaman in the Amazon jungle. He encouraged the importance of meditation and finding stillness in daily life. A few years later, after running and managing two successful art galleries, she knew she wanted to make yoga a bigger part of her path. She completed her 230 hour Yoga Certification from the Yoga Center of Minneapolis, and immediately started teaching and spreading her passion for this ancient practice. Over the last four years she has focused on bringing yoga to all demographics and settings, leading events, workshops and retreats locally and internationally. She recently completed another 200 hour training with her favorite teacher, Patrick Beach. She enjoys teaching intelligent sequencing, unique movements and creative transitions. She specializes in vigorous and fluid vinyasa flows, actively working with the body to find more overall connection. Her goal as a teacher is to help people build a stronger and more loving relationship with themselves through movement. 

Anna Gangadharan

Anna loves life! She was raised by two incredible people who came from very little, and instilled in her a drive to care about humanity and connect with all beings. She has been on her yoga mat for ten years and teaching for three.  Anna challenges her students by testing their limits and encouraging them to develop an understanding that every moment is an opportunity to grow, discover and evolve. She believes that yoga is a lifetime journey to self-discovery to share it with others while living the journey herself. Her life is guided by the mantra that all beings are made up of the same universal love and light.


Anne Zemba

Anne has been teaching yoga for more than 10 years, during which she has participated in multiple therapeutic yoga trainings including an RYT 200 with Linda Kay and another through YogaMedics. As a YogaMedics instructor, she teaches foundational classes focused on strength and growth. Her goal is to help each student feel as though they are in a better place physically and emotionally than they were at the start of class.

Detroit Certified Yoga Therapist


Brandon Gugala

Brandon has always had a love for exploring the human potential and pushing the limits.  Whether it was helping his personal training clients achieve their health and fitness goals, or out on his own adventures in nature, he has an unrelenting passion to see what the Universe offers us. However, it was when Brandon found yoga he realized it’s not all about the outside world, but rather the inside world that matters most.  For, our inside world determines our outside world!  He set forth on a journey inside to explore the cosmos within, through yoga, meditation, breath work and body purification practices.  Join Brandon in a class as he supports you on your unique journey.


Brittney Kanan

Like many, Brittney sought yoga as a physical exercise after certain injuries prevented her from performing regular workouts. In the beginning, she was drawn to the fast and hot classes for the added physical challenge, but over time she gravitated toward healthy-alignment and connected with a deeper yoga philosophy. Ashtanga and Vedanta are now the foundation of practice which come through in her teaching. Brittney completed a 200 hr RYT in 2013, then furthered her therapeutic training through YogaMedics. She is excited to pursue a 500 hr RYT through Citizen Yoga and continue to learn and grow with the talented, inspiring Kula here!


Cindy Levine

Cindy Levine is a 200 E-RYT with 9 years of experience teaching yoga classes and teacher training programs. She started practicing yoga in 2003 and is inspired by yoga’s potential to make a great shift in the world toward more mindful awareness and conscious consumption. Cindy believes in the transformational power of yoga as the practice transfers over into a student’s daily life; “True yoga happens off the mat!. Finding strength, balance, focus, and perseverance on the mat helps us develop self confidence, which improves our lives and all those we touch. Her classes are both challenging and fun, taught with love and compassion.


Dayle Extrell

Dayle was introduced to yoga while studying music and theatre at Central Michigan University. The physical practice helped with breath support and was a great way to ‘warm-up’ before a show. As an anxious actor in NYC, the yoga mat quickly became a place of refuge, while fostering self-love, compassion and providing a much needed community. Dayle holds a safe space for her students to explore their breath, bodies and minds. Her classes are fun, creative and intelligently designed to set you up for success while guiding you to your edge, with lots of juicy hands on assists. In addition to being an E-RYT with over 3,500 teaching hours, Dayle is a Thai Massage practitioner offering services out of Citizen Yoga.


Erica Treais

Originally resistant to the practice, Erica began taking yoga classes with her mom at a young age. During college, she recognized the value of self-study and consistent reflection to help her evolve off the mat. Taking the seat of the student has allowed Erica the opportunity to mature as a teacher. She completed an Intensive Yoga Teacher Training in 2013 and received her 200-hr RYT in 2015. She recently moved back to Detroit from Chicago and graduated from the Citizen Yoga Apprenticeship Program. She hopes to inspire an anatomically mindful, yet playful, yoga practice.


Jeff Stone

Since finding yoga, Jeff feels as though his life is just beginning. Self discovery through the practice of yoga has enabled an awareness within him that has resulted in an ease that accompanies his days.

After developing a love for Asana, Jeff completed his 200 hour RYT in February 2017 followed by the CY apprenticeship program.

He wants to share what the practice has taught him by teaching students that finding presence and stillness can become one of life’s ultimate thrills. He will offer a challenging, but supportive class focused on alignment and breath.


Kacee Must | FOUNDER

Grounded in Vedic Philosophy, Kacee teaches alignment-based yoga, and opened the first alignment based Vinyasa studio in Metro Detroit. Her classes focus on self-expression and exploration. A 2006 graduate of Northwestern University, she opened the original Citizen Yoga location in Royal Oak, Michigan as a means to equip people with necessary and effective coping mechanisms. You can count on Kacee to instruct a safe, energetic practice that will leave you feeling nurtured, challenged, and will transcend the physical asana. Kacee is a certified 200-hour RYT, E-RYT, and she will soon be launching the 500-hour Citizen Yoga Teacher Training.


Kayla Spray

Kayla began practicing yoga during her time at Wayne State University while completing her philosophy degree. Initially yoga was a means of overcoming anxiety and tendonitis. Once she recognized the immense healing that her practice provided she decided to complete her 200 RYT in order to share this practice with others. Eager to continue learning and growing she completed her 500 RYT, Thai Yoga Massage Certification, Citizen Yoga Apprenticeship and received her E-RYT 200. Kayla knows there is always room for personal growth in practice.  In class, she inspires her students to strive towards new depths, both mentally and physically.


Kristin Trute

A Detroit native, Kristin has always been interested in the mind-body connection and the freedom, release, mental and physical strength that it can provide. She completed her 200-hour RYT Teacher Training in Chicago in 2013. Along her journey she has lived and practiced in both Chicago and Denver, and has gotten certified in Reiki, Yoga Sculpt, Restorative and Prenatal Yoga, all of which have influenced her instruction and provided her with greater depth and understanding for various energetic and anatomical influences as well as modifications and adaptations for various populations. In her classes you can expect to connect to your breath, tribe, vibrations and body while maintaining strong alignment, focused intention and a playful attitude within your yoga practice.


Lauren Laudani

Lauren has been a dedicated and passionate yoga practitioner since 2009, initially, to help manage the difficulties associated with her rheumatoid arthritis. Embracing both the mental and physical benefits of a consistent practice, yoga has since become a meaningful part of her daily life. Adventurous by nature, Lauren brings a lighthearted and playful energy into the yoga room, encouraging laughter and play within every class. Lauren completed her 200-hour teacher training in 2015, and recently completed her 500-hour training through Citizen Yoga in December 2017. 


Luke Sasek

Luke believes teaching yoga is about helping students grow to their fullest potential so they can contribute at the highest level possible in the communities they serve. He completed his 200 RYT training through Citizen, followed immediately by an apprenticeship study, and then the 300 RYT program. His classes are bold, challenging, intentional and fun. Luke encourages students to seek deeper levels of clarity on their mats so they can align their thoughts and intentions with their words and actions in life.


Marlee Rosenthal

People are drawn to yoga for many reasons.  While Marlee has enjoyed yoga since she was a child, her practice became a game-changer after a traumatic bicycle accident in India.  Whether it was learning modifications to support her injury, mindful breathing to manage discomfort, or shifting her perspective to happiness as a choice, yoga surpassed the four corners of her mat and motivated her to “pay it forward” as a teacher.  Completing the 200 RYT YogaMedics certification allows Marlee to facilitate an alignment-based, therapeutic and grounded practice. Off of her mat, you can find Marlee teaching little ones at preschool, traveling, or reading a book in a sunny spot. Marlee’s hope is that yoga feels accessible to include in your wellness journey, and she looks forward to joining you on that path.


Misty Marcum

Misty found yoga after graduating from Art College. Having a ballet and figure skating background, yoga looked appealing to her but didn’t fall in love with it right away. Yoga was her escape after vigorous days as a professional automotive industrial designer in metro Detroit. Nearly 10 yrs of practice later bonded a strong appreciation for yoga. This inspired her to take the 200 HR RYT training followed by the Apprenticeship program at Citizen Yoga. With a solid year of teaching experience since, Misty has been drawn back to the Citizen culture where she feels most at home. She is ready to share her energy and love of the practice!



Rachel Sementilli

Rachel found yoga in 2013 and immediately fell in love! She has been very dedicated to a disciplined practice ever since. As a new student, she set a foundation with mostly traditional Hatha classes and through them became profoundly fascinated with how the practice of yoga could reconnect the mind and body, and find clarity in both. She firmly believes in the transformational power of yoga, and it has inspired her to stay committed to the path of learning and teaching. In a society where we are often separating head from heart, mind from body, Rachel loves to witness and hold space for her students to also rediscover that connection, and observe with wonder how staying committed to the practice creates inevitable change and growth in a student. In spring of 2016 she completed her RYT-200 with the Center for Yoga in Birmingham, MI; then completed the apprenticeship program with Citizen Yoga in autumn of 2017, with additional training in Prenatal yoga in the autumn of 2018. She has been certified in Reiki, and loves to connect to students through adjustments. She is also a trained Birth & Postpartum Doula, which was inspired by her passionate drive to develop a community that deeply supports and empowers women.


Soojin Kim

After working in the corporate world for some time, Soojin wanted to explore something that presented a new challenge — the public relations and marketing industry had created a lack of something. After exploring various yoga practices she completed a 200-hour RYT in the spring of 2013 and later traveled to India to study under Swami Parthasarathy. The goal of her classes is to take students on a journey inside the body and help connect mindful alignment with pranayama.


Todd Tesen

Todd believes his role as an instructor is to usher meaningful shifts for students on the mat so they can then make shifts in their lives that enrich their experience. He has studied yoga for more than 30 years with concentrations in Ashtanga, Anusara, Buddhism, and Rajanaka Tantra yoga of Dr. Douglas Brooks. He leads an advanced class with modifications for students of all levels. Todd has received both his 200-hour and 500-hour RYT.


Adina Marie

Adina studied Psychology in college, and though she found her studies fascinating, she didn’t connect with the one-size-fits-all approach to health that her program offered. Her desire to find more holistic practices led her to yoga, a healthy plant based diet, and to Reiki energy healing. Adina felt a shift once she’d discovered what worked for her and was inspired to share this with others who sought the same thing – stress relief and a happier and more fulfilled way of life. Adina completed the Reiki Master Program with Lourdes Gray of the John Harvey Gray Center for Reiki Healing. Adina’s life’s purpose is to support others on their own healing paths. She holds space for her clients and guides them as they discover a more loving and nurturing relationship with themselves.

Wellness Practitioner

Alex Herman

Alex earned a Bachelor of Science in nutrition at Michigan State University and a Master’s in traditional Chinese medicine from the prestigious Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. Registered in the state of Michigan and licensed in the state of Illinois (LAC), she is board certified by NCCAOM in acupuncture as well as Chinese herbology (Dipl. OM). With expertise in acupuncture and Chinese herbs as the foundation of her practice, she strives to provide the highest quality of individualized care by enhancing acupuncture and herbology with guidance on nutrition and exercise, along with supplemental therapies such as gua sha, moxabustion, cupping, and electro-acupuncture. Always at the forefront of her treatment plan is the safety, comfort, well-being, and longevity of all of her patients.

Wellness Practitioner

Amber Linoski

While Amber used to teach high school and travel, she is thoroughly enjoying home and family life and sharing her work as a licensed massage therapist. Her sense of touch is exceptional. The style is typically a flowing fusion of several modalities including Myofascial release, Swedish, a touch of Reiki and Thai,  with full range of pressure available. You can opt for total relaxation or interactive/educational massage. She has also helped many moms-to-be through prenatal massage. Amber is so excited to be immersed in the beautiful energy of Citizen Yoga and get back to the practice! Her motto is: Breathe. Transform. Shine.

Wellness Practitioner

Dayle Extrell

Dayle has been practicing Thai bodywork since 2013. She has studied the Asokonanda and Shivagakomarpaj lineages, traditional Thai foot reflexology and was honored to be the resident Thai Bodywork Practitioner for the cast and crew of off-Broadways “Fuerza Bruta”.

Wellness Practitioner

Mary Beth Mannino

As a former PR and sales professional in corporate America, Mary Beth equated success and happiness in life with wealth or being rich. She worked my way up various corporate ladders and it wasn’t until she was at the top when she stopped to realize she was really depressed, 25+ pounds overweight and turning to food and alcohol to fill the void of searching for something deeper in her life. MB was chasing the wrong kind of richness. Instead of wealthy, she wanted to be “wellthy” or rich in living a life by her own design, on her terms and in her own unique way. She wanted to be rich in experiencing each day as the very best version of herself that she could possibly be through taking care of her body, mind and soul. She took responsibility for her life. She no longer identified with living by other people’s standards, expectations or rules and once she made that decision, the universe responded: “Okay. Now the fun begins!” MB felt my nudge from the universe to take the leap of faith of switching career paths into becoming a certified holistic health coach. Now, she cultivate conscious connections and meaningful life experiences. Whether it’s through 1:1 health and lifestyle coaching with individuals or with a group through wellness events, she gives people the tools and resources they need to step into a life that serves their truest, most authentic selves.

Always seeking to grow and expand her practice, Adina embodies the role of the student and finds inspiration in every moment.

My goal as a teacher is to help people build a stronger and more loving relationship with themselves through movement.

Anna challenges her students by testing their limits and encouraging them to develop an understanding that every moment is an opportunity to grow, discover and evolve.



As a YogaMedics instructor, Ann teaches foundational classes focused on strength and growth.

Brandon set forth on a journey inside to explore the cosmos within, through yoga, meditation, breath work and body purification practices.

Ashtanga and Vedanta are now the foundation of practice which come through in my teaching.

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