• August 21, 2019

Citizen Partner Challenge: Practicing through Transitions

Citizen Partner Challenge: Practicing through Transitions

Citizen Partner Challenge: Practicing through Transitions 150 150 Citizen Yoga Studio

It’s the beginning of the Citizen Partner Challenge! Hey! I’m Lydia, a fellow citizen and recent CY 200-hour teacher training graduate. When the challenge was first announced, I was beyond excited to sign up. After completing my 200 hour training, I was ready to recommit to my personal practice. I began the year with practicing yoga almost every single day, but things changed during teacher training. Though I was more immersed in yoga philosophy and reading, I was practicing less with my time split between observations and practice teaching. 

This year, my relationship with yoga has changed with the seasons. In the winter, I was heavily dedicated to my personal practice, attending class daily. This time allowed for a physical internal heat to build during the colder months. In the spring, I began teacher training. I cultivated beautiful relationships with my peers and studied philosophy in a cocoon and a community. And in the summer, my training grew wings and took flight. I taught community classes on a weekly basis in rec centers and parks throughout Detroit! I was able to share accessible alignment-based yoga with my community. The last 8 months ago have been full of so many beautiful transitions. 

I am entering yet another transition, with the end of summer comes the beginning of a new adventure for me… law school! I plan on using the Citizen Partner Challenge as a tool to breathe through the transitions I am experiencing. I believe it is a beautiful time to be more reflective. 

Part of my teacher training was to complete a 30 day mindfulness challenge (I love challenges) soI decided to abstain from using social media. When I completed the 30 days I was able to return to various social platforms and use them as a means to share the positivity of yoga and my teaching schedule. So now I can mindfully engage with social media in a positive way.

My partner is the beautiful Lexie. Fun fact about Lexie and I! One time we stared into each others eyes in silence for almost 30 minutes. Talk about connected! We completed TT together and I was able to build 2 dozen amazing relationships. Join this amazing, beautiful, crazy journey with us! See you on your mats!

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