Ohio Events

Living with Purpose on Purpose Program

with Sindy Warren

Time: 5-7pm

Date: Sun Sept 8th, 15th & 22nd

Let’s get intentional about how we live our lives. We do this by distilling our highest values and priorities, assessing whether and how well we are in alignment with said values, and creating workable strategies to bring our intentions more fully into fruition.

This is a 3 week program, plus an intro meeting.

Participants will be provided with a pamphlet that offers mindfulness exercises, physical challenges, inspirational quotes, journaling prompts, reflections, and worksheets to help with the homework assignments.  A private Facebook group will also be available for more interaction and connection.

Cost: $100 includes pamphlet and meetings

Prenatal Yoga for Pain Management

with Amberlie Price

Time: 2pm-3:30pm

Date: Sept 15

Prenatal yoga workshop exploring the sensation of pain during:
  • third trimester
  • stages of labor
  • delivery
  • post partum
This workshop will include an element of childbirth education with Jessica Zuik (LCCE, RN, 200RYT) as well as how to use yoga and your breath to support pain management.  No yoga experience necessary to attend.  Brining a support person for this workshop is encouraged, but not mandatory.
Price: $25 for 1 or $40 for 2

New Moon Gathering

with Nikki Lang

Time: 7pm-9pm

Date: Sept 28

New Moons represent new beginnings and are symbolic of setting new intentions and planting seeds that we want to blossom and manifest in our lives. This is a wonderful time to open up to the energies of growth, expansion and the sun of this season—especially in the presence of other women in our community!

A New Moon circle offers us the opportunity to support, share & connect with one another, helping to manifest & magnify our intentions even further. Expect a themed meditation, a brief discussion on the astrologic energy of this particular New Moon, introspective journaling, intentional dialogue & a classic yoga practice to reset our energy.

We too can use the lunar phase of the New Moon to bring about great change and transformation in our own lives. By setting intentions during the darkest phase of the moon/New Moon, we take a huge step towards our own self-care and wellbeing as a community.

Price: $25

Call or text (text messages preferred)

DETROIT: 313-483-9343
BLOOMFIELD: 248-392-2168
ROYAL OAK: 248-607-6761