• April 23, 2020

How to have the best Citizen (live) experience

How to have the best Citizen (live) experience

How to have the best Citizen (live) experience 1024 819 Citizen Yoga Studio

Set up your yoga space 

Now that your home has turned into your yoga studio it’s easy to get distracted during your practice so look for a private + quiet space to roll out your mat. For classes you will need the usual; a yoga mat and yoga props. We like to have 2 blocks and a strap easily within reach. If you don’t have yoga props, you can purchase them in our online store or use what’s around you, 2 water bottles and a belt works too!

You will need to download the Zoom app either on your phone or computer to join class. We highly recommend practicing with a set of Bluetooth headphones. They help tune out the world and allow you to have a focused, and centered practice.

Before Class 

Links for class are made available when you register on the MindBody site or app. If you aren’t subscribed to notifications, you won’t get the email with the class link. Not sure if you are subscribed? Don’t Panic! You can watch our how to subscribe to MBO notifications here.

Our Studio Co-Captains Krissy and Shannon also send confirmation emails a couple of hours before class to make sure you have the link to get in. They can also help you set up your profile if you are still experiencing issues.

Once you’re in class….

Conversation is a great way to break the awkwardness that can come with taking any class. This is especially true since  we’ve gone digital! Feel free to un-mute yourself and SAY HELLO to people you know and introduce yourself to someone new. The teacher will mute you when it’s time to start class.

You will also receive a link to the teacher’s playlist once you are in the Zoom meeting. You can play the playlist in the background while the teacher is teaching class. You’ll be able to control the volume of the playlist separately.

Turn on your video! If you want. At Citizen, we offer many alignment based cues, so if we can see you we can still provide verbal adjustments to help your practice. Practicing virtually can be challenging at first, but it’s exciting and different. Everyone has their own experience!

We highly recommend you try out different class types, online workshops, and courses we’re offering on our schedule! Our entire community is accessible to you in a way it never has been before. Welcome to Citizen Online!

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