• June 6, 2016

Good Citizen: Sarah Weinstein

Good Citizen: Sarah Weinstein

Good Citizen: Sarah Weinstein 630 473 Citizen Yoga Studio
Last week, I went on Citizen’s retreat in Tulum and our group shared the resort with women doing a Bikini Boot Camp. We did (a lot of) yoga, ate (a lot of) guacamole, and slowed down to spend time with each other. They seemed to be constantly moving, rushing between circuit training and jogging on the beach. I don’t know if they ever took the time to notice the tiny lizards crawling along the deck or the way the night sky looked like someone had tossed handfuls of sequins against black silk.
I spent years preoccupied with assuming everyone was staring at my thighs in a pair of shorts instead of being present in any particular moment. Learning to be okay in my body has given me back the ability to be more connected, to engage more fully in what is actually happening.
Yoga helps me remember everything changes. Everything fluctuates. Everything is temporary, bodies included. I’ve chosen not to believe joy is connected to size. Joy is connected to experiencing happiness: dancing, mangoes, swimming in the ocean.
By the way, I wore a two-piece suit in Mexico (no boot camp needed).
Here’s how I got my bikini body:
1.  I bought and packed a bikini
2.  I put it on my body.

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