Start with the New Student Special 5 for $25, and try to make it to a variety of class types led by different teachers. Our teachers and classes are diverse, but share an undercurrent of integrity. We are not cookie cutter.

After you finish the New Student Special you should base your purchase on how often you practice. If you practice once a week we recommend any of the class packages — 10, 15, 25, or 50. Keep in mind, the more classes you purchase at one time the less it costs per visit.

If you plan on practicing two or more times per week, we highly recommend signing up for The Founder’s Club: $115 unlimited monthly package with perks of 15 percent off workshops, retail, and teacher training as well as two guest passes per month. This package can be put on hold for up to two months, one time per year. The Founder’s Club is a six-month commitment, so if you are moving or from out of town, the One Month Unlimited package is your best bet.     

Yes, with the exception of Back to Basics and Prenatal classes, our studio is heated to about 87-92 degrees Fahrenheit. It is warm to facilitate a more open body, especially during the winter months. There is some temperature variation between classes and locations. The climate of the class is entirely controlled by the teacher, so if you are ever too hot or too cold please let your instructor know and they can make adjustments.

To make a reservation, please visit MindBody, or reach us over the phone to reserve a spot with the help of one of our Experience Managers at the front desk. Typically, you can just show up to acquire a spot. However, weekend morning and weekday evening classes do tend to get sold out so we encourage pre-registration. All YogaMedics Back to Basics and Prenatal classes require pre-registration due to the fact that these classes only allow for eight students per class.

If you are pre-registered for a class, but will not be able to make it, please cancel your reservation at least two hours before class time. Our classes do fill up frequently, and we want to ensure there is space for everyone who arrives to practice. Reservations may be cancelled online through MindBody, or over the phone. Reservations that are not cancelled prior to that two hour window may be subject to a No Show Fee. Please refer to our class cancellation policy in the next section.

Yes! Rental mats are $2 — please bring cash if you do not already have a card on file. We will not run cards for less than $5 — an Experience Manager at the front desk can credit your account for $5 or more. 

Yes, we have showers and changing rooms at all studios. Royal Oak has one shower and Detroit has three. Each is stocked with shampoo and conditioner. Feel free to stay after your shower and get ready in our community vanity areas.

Unfortunately, first class free is a promotion for local residents only. We are always excited to host students from out of town! You are eligible for a discounted drop-in ($22), or you may buy the New Student Special (5 classes for $25).


We only offer one sale package per person. If you have already made the purchase we can return the additional package as a credit to your account.

Unused, active yoga packages may be exchanged for credit to use toward future classes or retail purchases. Workshops require 24 hours notice to cancel for credit otherwise the workshop is non-refundable. Retail items may be exchanged for store credit to be used toward other retail purchases only. Consignment sales are all final, but if any jewelry items break we are happy to contact the artist for a repair.

Class passes cannot be shared. However, if you enroll in our Founder’s Club monthly membership you receive two guest passes a month. 

Individual students must create their own MindBody account and reserve their own spot. This can be done online, over the phone, or in studio. Remember, first time students receive their first class FREE!

Yes, as long as you have met the minimum commitment of six months and given us two weeks notice prior to your next scheduled auto-pay. You are required to complete a written Membership Cancellation Request form, which can be obtained by emailing info@citizenyogastudio.com, or from the front desk. Submit the cancellation form via email or give it to any of our Experience Managers at the front desk. They will process your request.

All Citizen Yoga packages are universal unless specified otherwise. We do offer studio specific packages in Detroit, so please read the description of the package prior to purchasing. We are here to support you in finding the perfect package for your practice. Please ask for advice if you are unsure about what would suit your needs best, or see FAQ answer above!

Yes, memberships can be put on hold for up to two months for any reason at any time one time per year, per person. If you are injured or sick and require a longer hold period we will ask for a doctor’s note. Packages can only be put on temporary hold in the case of an injury. To put your membership or package on hold, please discuss with a Experience Manager at the front desk.

Back to Basics & Prenatal classes, any day of the week, require two-hour cancellation prior to the start of class. Otherwise, you will be charged a $10 No Show Fee. Your passes will still be available for use

For all weekend classes, as well as weekday evening classes, cancellations require two-hour notice prior to the start of class. If you late-cancel, or simply do not attend, your account will be charged a $10 (Royal Oak) No Show Fee. Your passes will still be available for use.

At this time, we enforce no cancellation policy during weekday morning classes. The Experience Managers at the front desk will early cancel your reservation for these classes when they notice that you are not present. Your passes will still be available for use as if you had not attended.

For our busiest holidays, such as Thanksgiving and New Years Day, cancellations must be made 12 hours in advance to avoid a $10 No Show Fee. We try our best to notify everyone when these terms apply via email and social media, so be sure you are subscribed for updates!


Log in to your MindBody account and visit “My Info.” You may also ask the Experience Manager at the front desk or over the phone.

All regularly priced class passes expire one year after your date of purchase.

The New Student Special expires two months after the date of sale.

Each Special Package expires as written on your receipt.  

You can change your billing information at the studio or over the phone with one of our Experience Managers at the front desk, or online through your MindBody account under “Payment” within “My Info.

Easy fix! Experience Managers will take care of it for you in-studio. Please bring this to their attention the next time you come to practice! To avoid this issue, it is helpful if you specify what package you would like for us to pull from on the sign in sheet each time you attend.


We have researched and experimented with several different class times and styles at each location so that we can best meet our students’ needs. That being said, we are always open to feedback! Please direct such suggestions to an Experience Manager at the front desk or email info@citizenyogastudio.com.

Visit our homepage to add your email address to our mailing list. Our emails are sent out 1-2 times per week to inform you about package specials, events, workshops and winners of all our awesome giveaways!

Yes. All regularly-priced class passes expire one year after date of purchase. The New Student Special 5 for $25 expires two months after the date of first use. Sale packages typically have much shorter, strict expiration dates — that is why we are able to offer them at such great prices! Please note the expiration date on your receipt.

Yes, we give 10 percent off all regularly-priced packages to students, seniors, military, Royal Oak employees, and Detroit employees. This does not apply to sale packages, memberships, or Detroit-only packages.

We babysit while you do yoga! A single visit is $5, or you can get 10 passes for $40. We will watch children three months and older. The toys and environment cater to a toddler age group, but older kids are welcome and may want to bring a game or book.

We do, but it is not a permanent class on the schedule. We are offering a four-week series for kids 4-8 years old starting June 2016. Please check the schedule for current dates.

Private sessions can be taught onsite or in-studio as long as studio privates do not overlap with any of our regularly-scheduled class times. It is a flat rate of $150 with no minimum number of participants required. The Detroit studio can hold up to 60 people and the Royal Oak studio can accommodate up to 47. We do our best to coordinate with your choice of instructor, and tailor the class per your request.

To schedule a private or team building class email manager@citizenyogastudio.com.

Schedule directly with the wellness practitioner. Check the Services pages on the website for their direct lines.

Our retreats get sold out! We have ventured to Tulum, Mexico and now plan on heading to Nicaragua. We will be adding more retreats to our schedule. These are fun, relaxing vacations with no specific yoga experience required. If you are interested in staying up-to-date with these please follow us on Facebook and Instagram, and email manager@citizenyogastudio.com to sign up today.

CY is always happy to donate class passes! Please send a formal donation request letter on your association’s letterhead, any forms required, and tax information if applicable to info@citizenyogastudio.com. Please specify if you’d like to pick up your donation or have it mailed.

Yes! However, we are not responsible for what is left at the studio. We hold found items for up to two weeks. If you want to confirm your items are in the lost and found, please call the studio and ask the Experience Manager at the front desk to check for you. If valuable items like credit cards, keys, or jewelry are found, they are held behind the desk, where the Experience Manager will return them to you. If you leave your mat, we will hold onto it for one month. After one month, we donate all mats to Mats for Mutts. 

Most of our instructors are on Spotify. Feel free to browse for them by name and then choose the playlists you would like to follow.


Attend a class led by Kacee, the studio owner and Lead Trainer, and chat before or after. If you cannot catch her you can ask any other Citizen Yoga instructor about our training. To receive formal information, i.e. schedule details, pricing, etc. and to place your name on our email list, email teacher@citizenyogastudio.com.  

Generally, we require applicants to take our Apprenticeship Program before we consider applicants for hire. The program will help you refine your teaching technique and ensure you are clear on the CY teaching standards. Please take class and introduce yourself to the teacher. If Citizen feels like your home, email info@citizenyogastudio.com.

The nine-week Citizen Yoga Apprenticeship Program is a mutually selective process where you work directly with a CY teacher as your mentor. To apply for the Apprenticeship, you must have completed at least a 200-hour RYT,  attended at least 10 classes at CY, and filled out the required application. To obtain an application, email teacher@citizenyogastudio.com.

Call or text (text messages preferred)

DETROIT: 313-483-9343
BLOOMFIELD: 248-392-2168
ROYAL OAK: 248-607-6761