• June 6, 2016

Chelsea Marshall, #goodcitizen

Chelsea Marshall, #goodcitizen

Chelsea Marshall, #goodcitizen 150 150 Citizen Yoga Studio
Nominated not once, but twice Chelsea Marshall is our good citizen of the month, and winner one month of unlimited yoga. Read her nominations below:

Chelsea does good. She is a teacher for the some of the most physically and mentally challenged elementary school children in her school district. She transferred into this position after teaching 2nd grade because she saw a gap in education for her special needs children. Chelsea said to me when she was making her decision, “My kids now are going to be ok. Whatever teacher takes my spot will do a great job and no matter what they’re going to learn. But these other kids, my heart just goes out to them. I don’t think every teacher feels that. If I feel so compelled to help teach them life skills and try to give them some of the opportunities these other 2nd graders have, then that’s what I have to do.” —Caitlin Marshall

I want to nominate a GREAT citizen..not just a good one, Chelsea Marshall. As the oldest of four sisters, I naturally and protectively think they are all amazing (I like to give myself credit where none is due 🙂 ) But the truth is, Chelsea is actually an amazing person. Chelsea has always giving back, but the wonderful thing is she never sees it that way, she just actively is looking out for other people. Growing up I remember her going over to an elderly woman’s home to play scrabble. The family asked her to just check in and make sure she was ok, but Chelsea would be gone hours, cooking, talking, and hanging out. This characteristic has continued through her life, wether it was tutoring kids after school, volunteering with a horse rescue non-profit, working with kids in a third world country, or now at her full time career as a special needs teacher. Most teachers go into teaching with the idea that they want to work with general ed students. Chelsea knew almost instantly that she wanted to work with the kids that others may find more challenging. Some of the children she works with are severely Autistic and won’t speak, but she has made sure that they know she is someone that can trust and communicate with, even without words. The extra work, love, and patience that it required for one to succeed in her career is something that Chelsea just innately has and her kids love her for that. Additionally, Chelsea has been an inspiration to me. I was not a very athletic person until I was in my thirties, but I think that was a result of Chelsea’s influence over me. When she was in high school, someone did an illegal hit during a lacrosse game which resulted in her having to have knee surgery. They warned her that this type of injury would make for a difficult recovery and advised her to avoid any type of activity that would put unnecessary pressure on her knee. After years of physical therapy and recuperation Chelsea ran the Detroit half marathon two years ago. So if she can do it, I literally have NO excuse. Chelsea’s heart is so huge, I would love to see her rewarded with something she loves. Please consider her for to be your next Good Citizen. —Ashley Marshall

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