Citizen Yoga Careers

Citizens are grounded in a sense of exploration, expression and compassion for the student experience. We empower students through alignment-based teaching and powerful messaging. Teaching for Citizen is bigger than just teaching yoga. It is a journey of growth, confidence building and development for yourself as much as it is about connecting with the COMMUNITY!  

What does alignment-based teaching mean? It means there is a deeply integrated reason when and why you are doing a pose that generates a great impact on your physical and energetic body. A thoughtful and educated relationship with the body promotes a student to start experiencing the freedom that is felt when applying the optimal amount of boundary and discipline, like a parent to a child. An aligned practice provides a self-reflective space where one can see how each pose is similar to an experience or relationship they have off the mat. As a teacher, you will strive to help students refine their actions and reactions in poses. 

Citizen is rooted in a culture of feedback, support, and discovery. As a teacher, you are encouraged develop your own teaching consistently through continued education and internal clinics. Your personal journey of growth is equally as important to us as is your ability to teach yoga. You are our community.

we are a kula. 

We are a growing studio! To learn more about teaching for us, the best first step is to take a lot of classes and get to know our kula. 

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