How to have the best Citizen (live) experience

How to have the best Citizen (live) experience 1024 819 Citizen Yoga Studio

Set up your yoga space  Now that your home has turned into your yoga studio it’s easy to get distracted during your practice so look for a private + quiet space to roll out your mat. For classes you will need the usual; a yoga mat and yoga props. We like to have 2 blocks and a strap easily within reach. If you don’t have yoga…

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A Letter from Kacee Must

A Letter from Kacee Must 1024 681 Citizen Yoga Studio

Dear Founders, We have been through a lot of life’s transitions together these past 6 years. People always ask why we call it Founders Club, even after the studios have been open for years. Founders are the foundation of Citizen Yoga. You create and maintain our inclusive and inquisitive culture. You share your life stories with our EM’s and teachers. You press pause when your…

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Is Self-Care Selfish?  (Spoiler Alert: No)

Is Self-Care Selfish?  (Spoiler Alert: No) 1024 724 Citizen Yoga Studio

We hear so much in the yoga world and beyond about self-care these days. About how it’s important to put our own proverbial oxygen masks on first so that we have the resources to care for others. But there’s an opposing view that suggests  it’s selfish to spend time and resources on self-care. Yoga philosophy offers some insights. One of the preeminent texts of yoga…

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Relax, Connect + Grow with Prenatal Classes

Relax, Connect + Grow with Prenatal Classes 936 1024 Citizen Yoga Studio

Malasana Anjaneyasana variation Teacher Utkatasana with a twist It’d been a while since Kristin Trute, a Michigan based yoga instructor, had been in a prenatal class. After a few minutes of thinking she recalls with fondness her first prenatal class as being a way for her to connect, relax and challenge herself. She had stepped into class and noticed that the other participants, other pregnant…

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Building Strength, Patience, and Breath

Building Strength, Patience, and Breath 1024 422 Citizen Yoga Studio

by Lydia Munn Oh my goodness! I can’t believe WE made it! To say the challenge was challenging for me, is… an understatement. Between end-of-summer celebrations, my sister’s birthday, and starting law school, my schedule was all over the place. I had to remain flexible and patient with myself while staying committed to my obligations. I don’t mean obligation in the pejorative sense, obligations can…

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Pay it Forward with a Coffee (or Two)

Pay it Forward with a Coffee (or Two) 978 1024 Citizen Yoga Studio

Mary Jahns is one of those people you meet and instantly start smiling. You can’t help but catch her infectious positive, gentle energy. Mary is someone who has been with Citizen Yoga from the first day it opened — in fact Citizen’s first day of yoga class was Mary’s too, and she hasn’t looked back. We are a week into the Citizen Yoga Wellness Starts…

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Citizen Partner Challenge: Practicing through Transitions

Citizen Partner Challenge: Practicing through Transitions 150 150 Citizen Yoga Studio

It’s the beginning of the Citizen Partner Challenge! Hey! I’m Lydia, a fellow citizen and recent CY 200-hour teacher training graduate. When the challenge was first announced, I was beyond excited to sign up. After completing my 200 hour training, I was ready to recommit to my personal practice. I began the year with practicing yoga almost every single day, but things changed during teacher…

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Wellness Starts With “WE” – Part 2

Wellness Starts With “WE” – Part 2 1024 683 Citizen Yoga Studio

PART 2 To greater understand this, imagine that you were a photographer taking a portrait of a great Oak Tree. The Oak Tree representing the I. The photographer is that witnessing aspect of your identity, just as the intellect directs and witnesses the projections of the mind. In this portrait the most important aspect of the photo is the Oak and maybe 5 feet of…

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Wellness Starts with “WE” – Part 1

Wellness Starts with “WE” – Part 1 1024 683 Citizen Yoga Studio

PART 1 Studying in India, the spiritual path was described as self-effacement. Effacement meaning to erase from the surface or to efface oneself as to make insignificant. The erasing of our perceived self to reach who we truly are–the dissolution of the surface layers of our temporary self into the more connected Self. It is a completely counter perspective and value to what we instinctively…

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The Citizen Yoga Blog and Me

The Citizen Yoga Blog and Me 1024 683 Citizen Yoga Studio

“Put no restrictions on self-care.” My name is Sindy Warren and I am a yoga teacher at Citizen Yoga Cleveland.  I’ve been practicing yoga for over fifteen years and it is a true passion.  Like all of us, I wear many hats.  I’m a lawyer, a mom, and a wife, to name just a few of my daily roles.  The past decade and a half…

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Spring Fever Experience

Spring Fever Experience 1024 683 Citizen Yoga Studio

This yoga challenge could not have come at a better time for me. After working 4 years in a job that wasn’t inspiring, motivating or even challenging me anymore I started to feel like I was living my life in auto pilot. I was late everyday for work because I just didn’t want to wake up anymore. I was afraid to make a change though…

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Stay Fit to Make the Best of Your Golden Years

Stay Fit to Make the Best of Your Golden Years 1024 683 Citizen Yoga Studio

Health is the most important thing, and you’ve got to hold onto it, especially with all those plans you have for retirement. This is the time to kick back and enjoy yourself now that work is over and you have the freedom to make the best of every day. Whether that means traveling, long walks on the beach or just chilling at home, you won’t…

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Envisioning Change

Envisioning Change 1024 683 Citizen Yoga Studio

Two years plus 1 day ago, I woke up feeling powerless, overwhelmed and unsure of how women and many others would be heard in a very new political climate. Only weeks before, we had been so hopeful and excited to be women, particularly business women, in what felt like a “new world” of change and forward thinking. But, on that morning, there was a shift, which as we…

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The Choice Is Yours

The Choice Is Yours 150 150 Citizen Yoga Studio

By Halle Wangler,  former U-M women’s basketball student-athlete Every single day we are faced with choices. The magnitude of these choices could be as small as choosing to eat the last slice of pizza, or as profound as deciding which career path you want to pursue. We all have choices, even when we think we do not. It is easy to get caught up in…

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Yoga and Body

Yoga and Body 150 150 Citizen Yoga Studio

At 37 years old, I can still do some pretty sick yoga moves. I say that tongue in cheek, but from the outsider’s perspective it is true. I often joke that I was blessed with genetics that made me dumb strong and ridiculously flexible. Not to mention, I started gymnastics at three years old because I was also fearless and my mom was tired of…

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Extroversion vs. Introversion

Extroversion vs. Introversion 1024 683 Citizen Yoga Studio

The world is an expression of opposites, and it swings between these disparate poles constantly. When we over-identify with the world, we are subject physically, emotionally and intellectually to the up and downs of the world. When the world swings, we swing.  The constant swinging between the pairs of opposites creates friction, which we identify with, claim as ours and experience as stress. An antidote…

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The Platform Detroit

Notes on the Platform

Notes on the Platform 1024 597 Citizen Yoga Studio

A few months ago, I had a coffee date. It was nothing too out of the ordinary, just catching up with someone without any real agenda. I was sitting with Mallory McMorrow, a friend, creative director, activist, and long-time Citizen, when our conversation drifted over to our professional lives. Slowly, we began to notice a trend, and then we couldn’t escape the similarities: despite working…

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A Woman In Business: 5am Reflection

A Woman In Business: 5am Reflection 150 150 Citizen Yoga Studio

Female Empowerment is a mending of inherited inadequacy and passivity. It is a common occurrence for me to hear, you are intimidating (Definition: frighten or overawe (someone), especially in order to make them do what one wants.), strong (Definition: able to withstand great force or pressure.: “cotton is strong, hard-wearing, and easy to handle”. Synonyms: secure, well-built, indestructible), straightforward (Definition: uncomplicated and easy to do or understand.: “in…

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Good Citizen, Meredith Perry

Good Citizen, Meredith Perry: Marine Corp Flight Surgeon

Good Citizen, Meredith Perry: Marine Corp Flight Surgeon 1024 504 Citizen Yoga Studio

We’ve all heard the saying, “life is a journey, not a destination.” Well, to put it mildly mine has been a roller coaster. I’ve had some pretty great “ups” and some pretty punch you in the gut “downs.” And through all of these hills and valleys, sometimes endless ravines, I’ve learned that I am the strongest person I know. Sure, sometimes I want to sit…

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Yoga As Medicine

Yoga As Medicine 683 1024 Citizen Yoga Studio

When we are sick, or in pain, we often turn to medicine to ease the symptoms or heal what hurts us.  Medicine regulates the systems in our bodies that are not functioning optimally – it can clear a blocked pathway, strengthen our bodies’ defenses, and soothe our body back to healing. In its own very powerful way, yoga is often described as medicine (#YogaAsMedicine, in…

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