After Class Podcast

After Class is a podcast by Citizen Yoga, a yoga studio that strives to be a safe space with a focus on creating a community that supports mental health. This podcast is where we delve deeper into philosophy as well as discuss topics and share stories that relate to and come from our students, teachers, and wider community.
ft. Jesse Sutherland
In this segment of the podcast called Speak Up, we aim to address and bring light to topics that need a louder, more authentic, and compassionate voice. During this session, Kacee Must interviews Jesse Sutherland, a Citizen Yoga student and 200-hr graduate. Jesse is a community advocate for “fertility challenged” individuals. Though Jesse’s story is personal and is definitely not everyone’s experience, we believe in the power of sharing to help others feel less alone and understood.
ft. Jen Tindle
This episode is part of a segment called Philosophy 4 Life where we delve deep into philosophy concepts and connect it to real life. This episode we are focusing some foundational philosophy concepts + a question from one of our listeners on fear and anxiety is answered. Jen Tindle, 200 hr Teacher Training graduate and lover of philosophy is the guest on this episode, asking as well as answering questions about the topic at hand. Enjoy a lively and thought-provoking conversation about philosophy and how it applies to everyday life.
ft. Sindy Warren
Our first guest on our segment Heart of the Room which features our teachers at Citizen Yoga is Sindy Warren,  who is not only a yoga teacher at Citizen in Cleveland, but is also an employment lawyer and owns her own human resources consultant business. Sindy was one of the first teachers at Citizen Yoga Cleveland and she and host Kacee Must discuss what it was like being a teacher in that time.
ft. Ann Fancy
This is our second episode of our segment Heart of the Room where our guest, Michigan based Citizen Yoga teacher Ann Fancy discusses her journey to yoga with host Kacee Must. Ann talks about finding her voice as a yoga teacher and how it’s linked directly to having a strong sense of self.

ft. Rachel Redmond

In our segment called Well-being we are educating about all things wellness so that our listeners can live a healthier, more balanced lifestyle. Our first guest is Rachel Redmond, who did her Ayurveda training in Albuquerque, New Mexico and studied acupuncture and Chinese medicine and became a doctor of Oriental Medicine. Rachel shares with host Kacee Must about how to take care of yourself according to Ayurveda, Chinese medicine and holistic practices in the winter season.

ft. Jen Tindle

In the second episode of the segment Philosophy 4 Life Jen Tindle + Kacee Must dive into three topics: happiness, self-work, and stress. They discuss how self-work leads to self-sufficiency and how you can survive change as you continue to develop and move through life. Kacee touches on finding mindfulness practices and how to notice your reset habits. They tackle the questions: what is stress and what creates it? In an episode that gets right into the heart of what keeps us from being at our happiest and most self-sufficient, Jen and Kacee leaves listeners with tools to face the changing world around them.

ft. Lauren Laudani

In a no-holds-barred episode of Heart of the Room, Michigan based Citizen teacher Lauren Laudani opens up with host Kacee Must about breaking out of self-imposed boundaries, surrounding herself with positive, motivated people, and how she grew to love the practice of yoga. She and Kacee dive into the scary “F” word — which in this case is Feedback — and how to take criticism — constructive or otherwise — from someone else. Also, find out why Lauren is called the “shepherd” in this fun, enlightening and informative episode with another inspiring teacher.

ft. Giustina Easton

In another episode of Heart of the Room, Giustina Easton, a Michigan based Citizen teacher opens up to host Kacee Must about her transformation in the yoga studio, as an individual, and aligning her values to how she lives her life. She discusses her journey to yoga, diversity in the yoga industry, how Citizen made an impact on her life, and how she worked on stepping out of her habit of being a people-pleaser.

ft. Soojin Kim

In another episode of Heart of the Room, Kacee Must interviews Michigan based teacher Soojin Kim. Raised as Korean American, Soojin opens up about how her upbringing shaped her adult life, her relationships, and her teaching career. She talks about how she dealt with insecurity as a teacher and what she did to help herself out of that.

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