300 hr Modules + Immersion Weekends


300 hr Teacher Training is a cumulative program, where you are able to select various immersion weekends throughout the year. During COVID, our modules have been moved ONLINE and broken up into smaller sections. You will receive a binder (via mail or can pick up at the studio) that details all of the logistics and requirements of the program. We recommend taking 12-18 months to complete the program. If you need an extension, please communicate that to [email protected]

Not interested in 300 hr training? These Immersion Weekends are for anyone interested in deepening and expanding their knowledge of yoga. Founders Members and Citizen Yoga 200-hr Graduates receive 15% off modules (if not enrolled in 300-hr program).

Are you a 200 hr Grad? If you are a 200 hr Teacher Training graduate and you are interested in participating in 300 hr Teacher Training and having the modules as part of your program, click below!

Did you take your 200 hr at Citizen Yoga?

  • If you ARE NOT taking the 300 hr program, each module is priced based on total hours.
  • If you ARE taking the 300 hr program, you receive $400 off the total cost of the program.
Kacee Must

5 Koshas + Sadhana

ONLINE NEW DATES February 5-7, 2021
Friday, 4p-6p
Saturday + Sunday, 8:30a-12:30pm

Open to all experience levels and a part of Citizen’s 300HR program, join Kacee and Chris Briney, owner of Iyengar Yoga Center in Royal Oak, for an immersive experience exploring philosophy, asana, pranayama, and ways to manage the seat of the teacher. If you are not a yoga teacher, these same principles can be used to build personal confidence in how to approach relationships and manage your presence in the world. This is a perfect space for you to grow your confidence and cultivate a more courageous inner gaze.

As a teacher, you will learn how to better manage your room, usage of props (chair, strap, etc.), various pranayama techniques, and how to show up in the heart of the room. As a student, you will uncover the importance of exploring beyond the physical body, ways to improve your relationship with yourself, greater self-awareness, and reflection techniques. 

What To Expect:
Friday + Saturday: Deep dive into asana, pranayama, and how to manage the room as a teacher.
Sunday: A morning full of practicing with a focus on how our mind and intellect play out in the body, on the mat, and beyond.

Cost: $375

Adria Moses

Trauma-Informed Yoga For Student + Teacher

ONLINE February 27-28, 2021

Open to all students and a part of our 300HR program, join guest teacher Adria Moses in understanding how trauma is stored within the body, and how mindfulness + yoga can be an incredible tool in healing the mind + body.

This trauma-informed immersion is designed to promote the awareness of the human experience at its root. You’ll build an understanding of how trauma is stored in the body and impacts our nervous system, and you’ll explore self-regulation techniques through guided meditation, breathwork & yin yoga. You will walk away with awareness of trauma-sensitive language, a fundamental understanding of the central nervous system, application of the Polyvagal Theory, and be able to apply trauma-informed practices into your personal practice, teachings, and/or profession.

What To Expect
Day 1: Opening Meditation, Overview of the Polyvagal Theory and Central Nervous System, Understanding how the body stores trauma, Yin Yoga
Day 2: Opening Meditation, Trauma Through Yoga, Trauma-Sensitive Language, Breathwork, Closing Remarks

Cost: $175 (15% off for Founders + MWB Members)

About Adria Moses
Adria Moses trauma-informed E-RYT 200 yoga teacher and mindfulness practitioner based out of the city of Detroit. Diagnosed with Crohn’s disease at the age of 12, she spent most of her young adult life seeking relief from chronic pain, depression, and severe anxiety. This journey gratefully led her to the practice of yoga where she has chosen to share that healing is possible no matter what your circumstances are. To learn more about Adria, visit her website.

Soulful Alignment, Messaging, + Sequencing II

ONLINE March 13-14, 2021

Open to all experience levels, join Kacee Must and Ann Fancy for round 2 in exploring what it means to be truly authentic both as a teacher + student.  People feel that it should come natural to show up as an authentic teacher, however, we know that it takes practice, confidence, and real self work. This module is designed for both teachers and students who desire self-discovery, learning more technique about the physical practice. Learning these techniques to help you show up more as who you truly are, not what you think people want you to be. This will be a continuation of pt. 1 in January, but you are still welcome to join if you did not attend part 1.

Cost: $185 for both days, or $92.50 for 1 day (15% of for Founders, MWB Members, and teacher trainees)

Restore, Nidra + Self-Exploration

Detail Coming Soon
April 2021

Led by Kacee Must and Soojin Kim

Prenatal Immersion

ONLINE April 18 + 25, May 2 + 15, 2021

Open to all experience levels, join Dayle Extrell in exploring a women’s body and the changes (physical and chemical) that occur during pregnancy.

What to expect:

  • Safe core work, including pelvic floor and transverse abdominal toning.
  • Yoga postures and sequencing for a prenatal yoga class Modifications/variations for pregnant women using props, the wall and partners.
  • Strength building/ stabilizing exercises helpful for the pregnant body.
  • Yin and Restorative yoga for pregnancy.
  • Breath work and guided imagery/meditations for pregnancy
  • Messaging/theme for Prenatal Yoga

Schedule: Sunday April 18th, April 25th, May 2nd, and May 16th, 12:30-3pm

Cost: $220

About Dayle Extrell:
Dayle received her 200 hour certification at Sonic Yoga, Center for Yoga Studies in NYC in 2008, under the tutelage of Jonathan Fields and Lauren Hannah. As an E-RYT, many of her teaching hours come from teaching in prenatal yoga studios, Belly Bliss Yoga (Denver, Co) and KKY’s Peace IN (NYC). When teaching pregnant women, her goal is to provide a strong and safe class that leaves the women feeling empowered and inspired by their own strength, both physically and emotionally. 

Anne Zemba

Adaptive + Healing

Detail Coming Soon
May 2021

Led by Anne Zemba 


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