300 hr Modules/Immersion Weekends


300 hr Teacher Training has been re-formatted into modules that you will take as immersion weekends throughout the year. Even if you are just looking for continued education, you can still take the modules separately of the 300 hr program. Below are all the modules! You can sign up for each individually or if you still aren’t sure, shoot us an email with all your questions: [email protected]

Props, Pivotal + Philosophy (Backbends + Twists)

with Chris Briney + Kacee Must

FEBRUARY 27th-MARCH 1st 2020

Pivotal Poses and Props will help you understand step by step techniques to get into more advanced pivotal poses for future students or in your own personal practice. We will be working on sequencing towards various pivotal poses. The primary focus of this module is supporting and practicing Backbends and Twists. You will learn how to prop, prompt and probe the poses leading up to the pivotal and in the pivotal pose itself. We believe that the best way for you to understand how to teach these poses is for you to get yourself into these variations. From there, you can use these on your own or with other students. Yoga is all about your journey and progress. There may be pivotal poses that are too demanding for your body, but this module is designed to help students of all levels access poses that give you elements of more advanced variations. This step by step process will bring you to a positive point of reaching the next level. Through practice and philosophy, we will explore the realization that it is the journey of reaching that matters, not what you get from it.


Pivotal poses and props will give you the opportunity to understand alignment and provide the necessary support to grow your practice and teaching. As students become more advanced, we as teachers must learn how to support their growth. As students age and change, we as teachers must learn how to support the change.

Designing your impact + Soulful Messaging + Alignment

with Ann Fancy + Kacee Must

APRIL 24-26 2020

Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine + Anatomy

with Giustina Easton + Kacee Must + Alex Herman + Rachel Redmond

JULY 30th-AUGUST 2nd 2020

Artful Sequencing + Adjusting with Intention

Teachers TBD

OCTOBER 8th-11th 2020

Self Practice + Sadhana

with Kacee Must + Chris Briney

DECEMBER 3-6 2020

5 Koshas + Energy Management

with Kacee Must + others


Adaptive Yoga: Modifications + Inclusion

with Kacee Must + Mindy Eisenberg + Anne Zemba

APRIL 22-25 2021

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